Terms and Conditions

Welcome to North-West First Aid!

Our objective is to provide quality first aid training in a relaxed and safe environment. We encourage our learners to participate in our classes and we respect all learners equally

Student Expectations
It is expected of all students to respect others around them, not to falsify any work or information, to conducting yourself in an appropriate manner and not cause injury or offence to others. Students are responsible for their own learning, online pre-courses, course enrolment, obtaining and providing USI (Unique Student Identifier) number and theory assessments. Students must be physically able to get down to the ground to complete certain practical tasks, such as performing CPR on a manikin on the floor and to perform a recovery position on another student or manikin.
If these tasks are unable to be completed successfully then the student will be deemed as incompetent and no certificate will be issued. It is the student’s responsibility to attend the course on time. If a student arrives after their course start time they may be refused entry into the course. This is to make sure our courses run on time and is fair for other students.

Registered Training Organisation Information
Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens training PTY LTD #90909. Student agreement and written handbook can be located here. Students will receive a certificate usually within 24hrs via email if deemed competent.

North-West First Aid is committed to providing students a safe training and assessment environment to participate in. If students have any injuries or illness that may affect their training they must notify the trainer prior to course commencement. North-West First Aid is a non-smoking environment and smoking/vaping is not permitted inside the premises at any time. No consumption of alcohol within training and assessment facility is allowed. North-West First Aid has the right to refuse and or ask students to leave if they are verbally aggressive, physically aggressive, using inappropriate language , making others feel uncomfortable or intoxicated/ under the influence of drugs. If asked to leave under these circumstances students will forfeit any course fees paid and will be deemed incompetent.

The use of cameras at our training facility are used for safety reasons. No sound is recorded and video is erased after several months. No video footage is shown or shared to third parties at any times unless required by law such as law enforcement agencies. By enrolling you understand and agree that your first aid class may be recorded digitally.


Fees for our courses are available on our web page www.northwestfirstaid.net
Other fees
Booking fee
*Reschedule fee
Cancellation fee

It is the responsibility of participants to attend their appointed class. If a participant does not show up for their course this is known as a " No Show". In this instance, if the participant has failed to make contact with North-West First Aid via phone, text or email the participant will be withdrawn from their course. Participants will need to pay again for their course via the booking calendar.
*If a participant has been offered a reschedule then only 1 (ONE) reschedule to another day will be allowed. If participants miss their rescheduled time, then participant will be withdrawn from their course. Participants will need to pay again for their course via the booking calendar.

It is the responsibility of the participant to make sure they choose their correct course at time of booking. North-West First Aid will not be responsible for participants booking & or completing a wrong course. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice​.

Private/Public Bookings
If participants won’t be able to attend a course, North-West First Aid needs to be informed as soon as possible via phone, email or text message. Participants will have the option to reschedule into another course on a different day.

Workplace Bookings
For workplace first aid training our minimum required amount of participants to conduct training is 4. If less than 4 participants attend on the scheduled training day a minimum charge for 4 participants will apply. Group discounts may apply to bookings with over 10 participants trained on the same day & paying by invoice. Invoices can be issued to businesses and must be paid no later than 7 days after training has been completed.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)
It is a government requirement for all students who enroll into a nationally accredited course to provide photographic evidence to prove their identity (i.e. Drivers License, proof of age card, Passport) and also provide their USI (unique Student Identifier). Certificates can’t be issued without a valid USI number. You can read more information here https://www.usi.gov.au/

Student Waiver
Some of our practical assessments require a level of physical ability, and students will need to demonstrate some practical assessments on the floor of the training room, interact with trainers and other students, will use various types of first aid equipment and perform scenarios.

By booking , enrolling and participating in any first aid courses conducted by North-West First Aid, all students acknowledge and accept that by attending our classes and participating in assessments there is a level of risk of injury, illness, damage, loss, accident or expense .

​All students voluntarily accept the potential risk involved once enrolment has been completed, Students who enroll agree that it is a term of enrolment into North-West First Aid courses, that is absolved from all liability however arising from any injury or damage however caused arising out of participation in North-West First Aid courses for both onsite ( workplace training) and at premises of North-West First Aid . All students acknowledge that North-West First Aid will not be liable for any direct or indirect injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, expense, or any other claim caused as a result of the negligence of North-West First Aid.